Laser Engraving & Cutting

Laser Engraving & Cutting

With our family of three different sized lasers, we take your artwork or text, translate it for our machine and fire a CO2 laser beam at the substrate.  The laser beam engraves, cuts or etches your designs into wood, acrylic, slate, cardboard, textiles, glass and more.

Our most popular applications are wood signs, especially name signs.  Other items include etched tumblers and water bottles, cutting boards, slate address signs, stencils, etched mason jars, as well as acrylic signs, night lights and key chains.

We prefer not to engrave your personal items because sometimes machines get glitchy!

Travel Laser

You’ll find Lazer Anything out at local craft fairs etching and cutting on site.  Our 65 watt travel laser pumps out etched mason jars and tumblers, custom night lights and acrylics signs, engraved sports equipment, holiday ornaments and engraved cuttings boards.

Our travel laser is also available for private events.

Large Format Laser

The biggest member of our laser family 36″x60″ and 150 watts.  It can easily cut through 3/4″ plywood.  This machine is for large quantities of small items or extra large signs for people and business looking to make a real statement!

Workhorse Laser

Our primary laser is 100 watts with a 28″x16″ bed.  Name signs, monograms and specialty signs keep this machine humming.  

We also print full color designs on premium birch plywood with our DTG printer and then cut them into custom shapes using our workhorse laser.