Lazer Anything – Signs and Designs is your one-stop shop based in NJ for quality personalized items that will identify your brand or preserve memories for years to come. 

  • LIMITLESS OPTIONS – We can laser engrave, cut or print on most types of products or materials.   
  • SPECIAL ORDERS – If you don’t see the product you are looking for in our online shop or catalogs,  just drop us an email and we will let you know if we can create it or source it.
  • SPIRIT SHOP/COMPANY STORE – We set up unique online shops just for your organization that includes the branded products of your choice.
  • FUND-RAISING – We specialize in fund-raising for religious institutions, schools, sports teams, non-profit organizations and community projects.
  • ONSITE ENGRAVING – With our portable laser engraver, we engrave onsite at corporate and private events to provide promotional or keepsake items for your guests.  

After over 15 years as an accomplished chef, I made a lifestyle decision and traded in my chef knives for a CO2 laser.  You would think that these are very different tools delivering very different end products, but at the end of the day, I’m still doing exactly the same thing – making people happy!

In October 2018, my wife and I launched Lazer Anything!  Within days of receiving our first CO2 laser engraver, we were busy creating all sorts of fun and personalized items for our customers.  Most weekends, we are out at local fairs or festivals with one of our machines speaking with customers and bringing their ideas to life.  

In March 2019, we expanded our business to include custom apparel and promotional items.  

Through the personalization industry, I am leveraging my experience catering to a market where one size does not fit all. In the food business, everyone has different taste buds, so  I often created special dishes for my customers based on their preferences or dietary constraints.  With Lazer Anything, I’m creating individualized products every day for people and businesses.  Today’s society is more diverse than ever and embraces diversity like no other generation has before.  With Lazer Anything- Signs and Designs, whether you are a single individual or a large organization, we are here to “make it yours.” 

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